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"Honestly she found some inflammation in my neck, that I think had been there so long, I was just used to the restriction. My neck has more freedom now, than it has since I can remember… I rarely toot anyone's horn, unless they are exceptional, and I think she is exceptional" -Lauren Peterson, Malibu, California. Iyengar and Advanced 4th series Ashtanga yoga practitioner.

"In virtually all styles of yoga, occasional aches and injuries do arise, and Sierra has helped me effectively and efficiently with many of mine. In addition, I have witnessed her help many of my students with their aches and pains. With her skillful reading of movement impediments and her application of clever massage techniques, she has also helped many improve their yoga practice by reducing the blocks and tightness in their bodies, allowing for greater ease in their yoga postures." -Mark Yeo, Chiangmai, Thailand. Certified Advanced B Ashtanga by Pattabhi Jois, yoga instructor.

Sierra is available for private Thai Yoga healing sessions/ consultations during the day of (Tuesdays?) Agni Yoga & Thai Massage class. Sessions are 90 minutes/$150 by appointment only, at Agni Yoga. Sierra Velasquez www.therapeuticthai.com

"Ashley's gentle yet firm command is apparent throughout the class. The flow is natural and light, even through difficult poses. I particularly admire the special attention to those in childs pose, and the balance between observation and demonstration. I looove the loud "AHH" exhales, very unique in my experience, and extremely helpful for releasing tension. Ashley's intention to serve is obvious by her attention to detail, her gratitude toward her students, and her general contagious loving energy. Everyone leaves sweaty and happy, ready for a gentle and easy afternoon." -Olivia

"To work out, relax and unwind I love to go to Agni Yoga. The owner Ashley Cummings has the best energy." -Joey Malouf

"Sept. 2014 I was first referred to Ashley, and her studio, to help strengthen my hip to help prepare me for replacement surgery. Ashley welcomed me with open arms and I started with private lessons, and eventually transitioned into her classes. I had never attempted yoga before, and now I love the workout, the calming affect, and mostly how yoga can link your mind, heart and body. It is because of Ashley that I now have a passion for the wonderful experience of yoga. One year later I am fully recovered from surgery, enjoying class again, and stronger and happier than ever. So grateful to have met Ashley during this life changing journey, she is a fantastic teacher and friend." -Cindy Eppolito

"Ashley is a truly gifted Yoga Instructor. She genuinely lives and breathes yoga. Not only will you feel better about your body, but you will also find that Ashley's mindful approach to teaching will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.." -Cara

"The studio, located on Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood, is bright, airy and kept at the perfect temperature - it's more 'hug' less 'oven'. ;) The floor is lovely underfoot and the walls have sweet art painted on them (which I definitely stare lasers at while I'm testing out my balancing poses). Architecturally, the ceiling is one of my favorite bits with it's white wooden slat boards. OH and one other detail worth mentioning (that surprisingly the dancer in me hadn't noticed until one of my friends pointed it out) is that there are no mirrors. I think this might be one of the most wonderful things about the room! I can imagine how easy it would be for people to spend the bulk of their class staring at themselves or neighbors in the mirror with a critical eye instead of going inside themselves to focus on what their body feels like. (A critical eye is so not the yoga vibe people!) Anyway, I say all this without mentioning the most important part of the experience - the TEACHERS!

I have taken class with three instructors now and have had a lovely time with each. I feel most comfortable discussing Ashley Cummings, as I have taken her class the most often. The thing I have enjoyed most about her class is that it is just the right combination of meditation and movement for me. She begins class by guiding you into a beautiful, quiet meditative state which leads into her "Agni Power Vinyasa" flow workout and she closes with a lovely, long and relaxing Savasana (sometimes bringing out this incredible crystal singing bowl thing which sends these waves of sound over your body...I die for it!). Anyway, Ashley's focus is always on coordinating your breath with your movement while she guides you through a fullbody workout. (Do you call yoga a 'workout', a 'practice' - is calling it a 'workout' blasphemous?) I don't know...but either way, I always leave class feeling at once relaxed and envigorated, calm and powerful, serene and strong.

If you are in the area, I highly recommend swinging by! Your first week is free. I mean, you LITERALLY can't beat that so there's no excuse! My hope for you is that Ashley and her team of instructors will leave you feeling as wonderful as they always leave me. See you there!" -Miranda

"Ashley has the perfect balance of spirituality and exercise. Her energy is so positive and reassuring that you can't help but look forward to each session. Plus, a complete professional never late never flakey like other teachers I've had in the past." -Rodger

"I would follow Ashley Cummings anywhere to take a class with her. I feel so grateful that she opened a studio right in my neighborhood. The space is peaceful and welcoming with two rooms for practice - a larger room for classes and a smaller room for private instruction. Both have a calm ambience that contributes to a beautiful practice.

In a town where yoga studios are on every block, what sets Agni Yoga apart is the atmosphere and attitude. There is no pretension here and that's what made me fall in love with Ashley to begin with. Classes at Agni will challenge you if you are an advanced yogi (which I am not! I just have observed those around me getting a great workout and challenging themselves in asanas) and will welcome you if you're a novice who does not know an asana from their @$$. The focus at Agni is on the process not the product, instruction begins with the breath and focusing the mind and from there builds onto the movements and forms that we associate with a yoga "class." Ashley values the practice of focusing the mind on movement with breath and from there will challenge any body to a great workout. I leave with my body stretched and strengthened and my mind calm and focused.

I have not yet had the opportunity to work with the other instructors, but I know Ashley has high standards. All classes begin and end with meditation and this is the focus of this studio. If you're looking for a class that focuses entirely on toning the body and burning calories surrounded by unfriendly and pretentious folks, look elsewhere. If you want a place that will welcome you no matter your body type and yoga experience and will challenge both your body and mind to push itself just beyond what you think your limits are (wherever they are right now!), I encourage you to walk in, introduce yourself, and try a class. The first week is free for anyone new to the studio - so really you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

(Parking Pro Tip: park on the other side of Santa Monica for easier parking with fewer restrictions...yes, you will have to walk across the street but you're going to a yoga class, think of those few extra steps as the beginning of your practice!)" -Amanda

"Ashley is profoundly graceful and intuitive as a person and a teacher.I highly recommend studying with her." -Cameron

"After two failed attempts at a yoga experience that worked for me, I gave it one more try and was blessed with a kind-hearted, warm and wonderful teacher in Ashley Cummings." -Sam

"Ashley is one of the few people you will come into contact with in your life that creates energy, love and light as soon as she walks into a room. I look forward to her class as soon as I wake up in the morning. She does really wonderful guided mediations, totally keeps you on track for breathing throughout class and delivers a kick ass workout on top of it. I leave her classes energized, refreshed and relaxed. A great way to start or unwind your day." - Mona

"I decided to pursue yoga to achieve my dream body - as a cisgender woman living in LA I had a lot of internalized pressure to have a perfectly toned and slender body. I could have happened into a class with a yoga instructor whose focus was on burning calories and losing weight, but the universe led me to Ashley. Ashley's focus on the true purpose of yoga - as moving and breathing meditation and as an accessible gateway to deeper meditative practice - was exactly what I needed. As I've worked with her, I've become better able react with calm and clear mind to my internal and external experiences. I've learned to welcome challenge - physical and emotional - and feel stronger in my ability to meet those challenges. I've become better able to listen to myself and feel the freedom to follow my bliss. As a result I've grown in self-love. I came to yoga to get a body I love and thanks to Ashley, I now love my body."  -Amanda

"I never thought yoga would be a focus of my life until I walked into one of Ashley's classes. Her teaching style creates an atmosphere that is welcoming and her direction showed me the immense benefits yoga can add to one's life. Before taking Ashely's class, I was someone who 'did' yoga, but after, I finally became someone who 'practiced' yoga and for that I am eternally grateful."-Curt

"It had been at least 10 years since the last time I had done yoga and Ashley’s class helped seamlessly re-introduce me to my practice and re-invigorate my passion for yoga. She kills it-in a peaceful yogini kind of way!"-Matthew

"Ashley is one of the rare and special teachers that mean their words. She pours all of her heart into her words. She doesn't just "dictate" asanas, she makes out a beautiful and smooth flow out of us. She genuinely cares about her students and is very receptive to everyone's needs. She IS a yoga instructor. You can tell that's her mission in life. She's got a confident voice and yet so humble at heart. Gives great adjustments and yummy massages! She observes levels in class and adapts to all and gives as many options as necessary. Wonderful playlist, beautiful energy and radiates light as she walks around the room. " -Wendy

"I have been a yoga practitioner and teacher myself for a long time thus I am really happy when I find a teacher with the knowledge, wisdom and experience that Ashley brings to her classes. It's the kind of depth that I want and seek from teachers I choose to be guided from. Her spirit is generous and genuinely speaking from her heart. The atmosphere is warm, loving and welcoming. I feel very blessed to have met Ashley and have become part of the Agni Yoga family " -Nathalie Fino

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