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Ashley Cummings has been student of Yoga, Meditation and Spirituality for over 10 years. She has been teaching Yoga and Meditation for 8 years while being based in Miami Beach, Florida and Los Angeles, California. Ashley travels the world with her SELF. LOVE. ASANA workshop that focuses on self-empowerment and realization through Yoga, meditation and self-love. Ashley's message is simple- "Every human being on the planet is pure love, pure consciousness, pure light energy, we just forget. Through consistent Yoga and Meditation practices we are able to experience and remember who we truly are. What I am saying has been said by so many before me, and will continue to be shared because it is the universal truth of our existence, we are here for Love and Love is all that there is. When we go long periods without stillness, just movement, just illusion, we forget, its very simple to return because it is the place we are from and belong, enlightenment, bliss, joy is the human experience, the real one". Some of Ashley's favorite and most inspiring teachers include, Osho, Maharishi Ramana, Krishnamurti, Krishnamacharya, Sean Corne, Bryan Kest, Chandresh Bardwaj, Eckhart Tolle and Stuart Wilde.

In 2013/ 2014 Ashley has carried her message to London, England; Necker Island, BVI; Helsinki, Finland; Doha, Qatar; Porto Vallarta, Mexico; Ojai, California; and will continue to offer experiences around the globe.

Please contact Ashley for any details 310.999.3610 or email at ashleylayogini@gmail.com

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