Agni Yoga is a spiritual center for transformational fire and love. The heat and fire is to burn away aspects, ideas and conditions that are no longer serving us. The intention is to replace those illusions with the unconditional, pure Love that is the ultimate truth of who we are. A place where all are welcomed and encouraged to dwell in our own divinity,magic and possibility. At Agni we believe in igniting the fire of love and awareness to burn away the unnecessary and no longer useful, on the path to freedom. The word Agni is a sanskrit word related to fire and heat, but with a spiritual connotation. To ignite your Agni, is to ignite your spiritual fire, and to be alive spiritually is to be open to the ultimate truth of pure love, pure consciousness and perfect present moment awareness.

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      Welcome to my Agni Yoga. I believe that through consistent Yoga and Meditation practices we are able to experience and remember who we truly are. It is my goal through in-studio classes, on-line videos, private sessions and events that everyone can achieve pure love, pure consciousness and pure light energy. -Ashley

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      7327 Santa Monica Blvd.
      West Hollywood, CA 90046


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      All day before 7:00 pm there is abundant street parking that is free before 7:00 pm, and meters. At 7:00 we offer Valet Parking through "Harlowe", the restaurant next door, with you Agni validation it's just $4.00. After 7:00 south of Santa Monica on Fuller and the other nearby streets there is also abundant meter parking.




      Agni Yoga


      Agni Yoga

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      Agni Yoga

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